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Become a Garb Brand Ambassador.

Join our program today!

Our Prodi-G Brand Ambassdor Program is a community of active kids, competitive junior athletes, coaches and parents who love our brand and enjoy spreading the word to family and friends, where the athletes---or PRODI-Gs enjoy special programming and rewards.



  • Active kids ages 5 to 13.  Whether they’re in the tournament world, or playing golf for fun with their friends, a Garb kid feels secure in who they are and who they want to be. 
  • Coaches active on social media who work with junior golf or tennis athletes. 
  • Parents that love spreading the word to family and friends about @garbinc on social media. We love Instagram, Facebook and Tik-Tok! We love photos and videos of your kid/ student practicing or just hanging out with friends and family! 
  • Kids that love to have fun! We can't wait to have fun with you! 



  • A strong social media presence (Instagram, but we also love Facebook and Tik-Tok) 

  • You post regularly on social media (weekly to daily). 

  • If you’re a competitive junior golfer or tennis player, you will have had to competed in at least 4 local, 2 regional and 1 national tournament.  
  • Public social media profiles are strongly preferred. 

  • We are open to applicants that do not use social media, but we would want to understand how you intend to engage with our community! 

  • Post high quality photos or videos of you wearing Garb at least twice a month! Or for adult ambassadors, share your discount link with your network 4x a month. 

  • Feel free to be creative! 

  • Garb apparel is meant to be worn all day long! We want to see photos of you playing your best, practicing or just hanging around with your friends.  

  • Include links to Garb’s website and social media. 

  • Make use of Garb’s hashtags in all posts. 

  • Share your personalized discount code with followers, family, and friends. 

  • We will offer weekly activities for you to increase your Ambassador points! 

  • We want our program to be a supportive and uplifting community! We want you to follow, like and comment on fellow program members’ posts. We want to support the next generation of active kids and junior athletes! 


  • The more you put in, the more you will get out of the program. 

  • A discount code for you to use on our online store that will never expire as long as you are an ambassador. 

  • A unique discount code for you to share with family and friends. With every purchase you will receive points that can be redeemed on our online store for free clothes, E-gift cards, and other exclusive items! (Only coach ambassadors are eligible for monetary compensation). 

  • Garb will support your social media growth and promote you as an ambassador and leader in our community. 

  • Opportunities to be featured on our social media pages, online store and advertisements. 

  • You will be the first to know about our newest styles and be able to purchase them before your friends!

  • The ability to shape the products Garb creates in the future!
  • Top performing ambassadors will receive gifts from us and be entered into future giveaways. (Everyone loves free stuff!) 

  • Be a part of a network and community of fellow ambassadors of active kids, junior athletes, coaches, (and new friends)!