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Golf Training

Golf Training
Article written by Jenny Anderson with Sports Fitness Adviser. Find the original article by clicking here 


Surely the average club golfer doesn’t require a golf fitness program – even those with ambitions of winning their club Championship? After all…

Golfers aren’t athletes… right?

Make no mistake – golfers (at any level) ARE athletes and the golf swing DOES require a great deal of athleticism.

Strength, power, flexibility, balance, core stability, body awareness, even endurance… they’re all physical traits that every consistent golfer (even the fair-weather players) must possess.

The golf industry is littered with gadgets and gimmicks for increasing accuracy and shot distance. Yet for all their claims and guarantees most remain independently unproven. Compare that to a basic golf fitness program…

After 5 weeks of completing 5 minutes of very simple home exercises 5 times a week, golfers increased their clubhead speed by an average of 24% (1). While it could be argued that clubhead speed is only one small facet of a golfer’s overall game, it is highly correlated with a player’s handicap. In other words, the lower a player’s handicap is, the higher their clubhead speed at impact tends to be (2). In fact, a 24% increase relates to a reduction of 4 shots off a golfer’s handicap. This is just one of several studies that proves the benefits of conditioning for golf (3,4,5,6).

And the benefits of golf fitness training are not reserved for the young. Golfers aged 55-75 have also benefited from strength and flexibility training – both in terms of general health parameters and their performance on the course (3,4).

For the more serious golfers, conditioning can no longer be seen as an unnecessary add-on to their practise routine. Just as a committed amateur athlete spends time on their technique AND their fitness, so must the golfer who demands to be the best they can. There is a caveat however…

In order to improve performance in any sport, training must be specific to the demands of the game involved. Of the few golfers who do appreciate the importance of physical training, most still make the mistake of following a general fitness routine.

If you want hit every shot consistently further you need to take a different approach. Not a more complicated approach. Not a more time-consuming approach. A more golf-specific approach.




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Self Myofascial Release Exercises
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Medicine Ball Exercises
Medicine balls can be used to develop exercises that closely mimic the golf swing. They also offer the added advantage of training the body to create maximum accelration and power – which translates into to greater clubhead pseed and longer shots!


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Article written by Jenny Anderson with Sports Fitness Adviser. Find the original article by clicking here