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A few years ago, we developed the PRODI-G program. The PRODI-G program assists families with talented children that play golf at a competitive level. My wife and I have raised two children and we understand the costs associated with ballet, lacrosse, basketball, soccer, cheer camps, junior golf clinics and much more. Often times, these great athletes are competing around their state, their region and in many cases nationally or on a world stage. Many of these kids also move to warmer climates where they can train year ‘round and get home schooled.

The PRODI-G program provides highly discounted clothing for young competitive athletes. So, depending on the young athlete’s skill level they can earn a discount on our retail prices on our website. This program does two things—first it helps defray the cost to families of competing. And second, it helps substantiate the worth, to the child, of all of his or her hard work. Because after all, now they are “sponsored”. We have also set the program up so that we NEVER use their “likeness” in advertising and we don’t give anything away for free—thus protecting their amateur status.

So, if you know a kid that is a great player and shows promise for a career in the game of golf, reach out to us and make an introduction. We’d love to have them in our PRODI-G program. And if you are coming to the PGA show in Orlando, stop by our booth and say hello to all of the Garb PRODI-G’s that are perennially hanging around the coolest booth at the show.

– Joe Silva, CEO & Founder