Our Story

Garb is the original junior golf apparel brand. In 1996 I founded Garb on the belief that kids wanted a brand to call their own--a brand dedicated to the youth of the game that offers great styling and unrivaled quality. Garb has not only become a beloved brand, company and culture, but it created the junior golf apparel category and has been leading the pack ever since.

What started in the basement of my home in Evergreen, Colorado has grown to become the USGA and PGA of America’s first choice in kid's golf apparel. Garb is the primary children's golf apparel supplier to the U.S. Open golf tournament, PGA Championship and Ryder Cup since 2001.

Now located in Denver, Colorado, Garb is committed to bringing junior golfers the best golf clothing out there. We listen to the kids and together create a line of clothing that is not only high quality and technically advanced, it hits the fashion look the kids are demanding.

The game is evolving. It’s no longer just for retired people and business men. The youth are taking over. Embrace it. They are the future of the game. So practice like you mean it; get another bucket, walk another 18. Be young, have fun, make us proud.

Joe Signature

Joe Silva

Founder & President

Core Values

Garb's Mission is to Create Great Sportswear in a Thriving, Fun, Profitable, Win-Win Environment

Understand the task you’re undertaking, determine the timeline and execute the task.
Make a conscious and genuine effort to do what’s right for all parties.
Be willing to help with anything within your department. When you see a need, address it yourself.
Respect other people’s point of view. Use professional office etiquette as to not offend others

Be courageous; take initiative and ownership. Pretend that Garb is your company.
Doing something for the greater cause without asking or expecting anything in return.
Take pride in your work. Be a mentor.
Enjoy the work you are doing. Strive to make mundane tasks more enjoyable.