The 2016 PGA Championship

Garb Inc. Tournaments

Garb was at the PGA Chamionship this past weekend so we have interviewed two Garb employees that were at the Baltusrol Golf Clubto get the inside scoop! Melissa and Theresa both managed the Garb section in the Merchandise Tents at the golf tournament and one of them was there during the stylish Garb Win.  Jimmy Walker won the PGA Championship this year and it was his very first time winning a major. His wife and kids in their Garb gear rushed the course to celebrate the big win!  The two little boys were sporting theKirk performance golf polo and the Andy surf and turf golf shorts. Needless to say, they looked perfect for thier dad’s winning moment!

Q: What is your favorite part about the PGA Championship?

Melissa: Well this is my first time doing it so …favorite thing I think would be seeing the little kids come in and just go ham in the little kid’s area. Whether it was grabbing the little teddy bears they had there or just all of the different options especially that Garb had. I don’t think the other venders had quite the kid’s selection. I loved watching the kids come in and put the hats on their head and grab all of the tee shirts out of the bin. Haha! That would be my favorite.


Theresa: My favorite part is seeing all the excited parents. I had this family come in who …they are based in Vegas and they have a rock star little kid and I saw a video of the little kid just probably 40 yards away chipping it up and landing it straight into the hole, four years old …LAND! And he goes,

“‘We love Garb, We love Garb!’ And his wife comes over and she introduced herself and she hugs me.”

She said, “Thank you so much I can’t find clothes small enough for my two year old and four year old and they are in golf and she hugs me and she goes, “give me your phone number!” and I was like “Okay!” so I gave her my phone number and she told me, “ I already have my list of all my Garb stuff that I want and she sent me a note full of all the Garb stuff that she wants in toddler size and that she hasn’t been able to get yet, and she was actually going to email it to us to see what we could do. She said, “I am so happy that I met you!” Those types of customers that are so loyal to Garb …and when they see how big we are at the PGA Championship and how much of a presence we have they fall in love with it even more.

Garb PGA Champ tent

The Work Behind it All:

Melissa: It’s really fun. There is a lot of work that goes into those things. I’d say that the team that is dedicated to doing it is crazy. I mean their time frame goes so quick and ten days after they are done with PGA Championship they are directly to Ryder Cup, which is crazy.

Interviewer: Is it always the same team always doing it?

Melissa: It is the same team of interns, same people doing it so…

“…it is just amazing to watch how dedicated they are to making it all happen.”

They are all really nice and they are all really young.

The Walker Family Garb Approval Moment:

Theresa: Another one of my favorite parts is when at the end of the tournament their kids run up and hug Dad and whoever wins when it is the kids, like I’ve seen Jason Day and his kids when he has won so many times and the kids come up and he is a public figure at this point now so it was very exciting to see all of our Garb all over the screen. I was in the tent and everyone was running up to me yelling, “Theresa! Theresa! Aren’t those kids wearing Garb!? Aren’t those kids wearing Garb!?” And so it was one or the more exciting parts of the tournament.

Melissa: “Definitely! That was a big day for Garb.”

Garb Jimmy walker-approval