The Open Championship

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Don’t call it the British Open!

It is THE Open. Or, you can call it The Open Championship but please, don’t call it The British Open. And rightfully so. It is the oldest of the four majors and is always held in the United Kingdom. Since The Open was the first ever major golf tournament, they simply called it “The Open”. Then, once the U.S. started doing The U.S. Open, we naturally added the word “British” to their name. And, they didn’t much care for it. Understood. The tournament is the only one outside the USA and is run by the R&A—also known as the Royal and Ancient. The R&A is one of two golf governing bodies with the other being our own, USGA—also known as the United States Golf Association.

Garb is proud to be the exclusive provider of kids golf clothing to the Open Championship. We have been providing the R&A with our high quality junior golf apparel for 5 years now. It has taken us that long to get a strong grasp of the market in the UK—between the weather and the difference in style between the two nations, it made for a fairly steep learning curve. But now, with the help of our British distributor, David Kinsey we have honed in on the market needs and have continued to grow the category of youth sales each and every year at The Open.

I love the passion British people have for the game of golf—the history, the pride, the tradition and the roots. The connection the game has to the villages throughout the UK is inspired. Many of the golf courses are true Links style. While watching The Open this morning they were discussing the term “links” and the fact that most courses started at the edge of town and then headed “out” to the sea. Once it arrived at the 9th hole (the halfway point) it then turned and headed “in” toward town. This term “out” and “in” is still reflected on each and every golf scorecard the world over referring to the front nine and the back nine. The course “links” the village with the North Sea.

So cheers to The Open. May the best man win. Just don’t call it the British Open.